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"To teach is to touch a life forever."- Hula Instructor Jan Kealani 


Instructor Jan Kealani Kitaguchi

  Born and raised in Lahaina, Maui...many lives within our local community as well as numerous worldwide malihini (visitors),has been touched by Kealani through her years of teaching and regular keiki Hula shows throughout Maui.


As the director and instructor of Halau Hula (hula school) o Na Kamali'i Nani o Lahaina (the beautiful children of Lahaina), her belief of "To teach is to touch a Life Forever" has remained in her heart and many others since 1990, to carry on the Hawaiian traditions of dance and song. To also create a love of hula to our Ohana (family), Na Wahine Nani o Lahaina (the beautiful women of Lahaina) was introduced years later, enhancing the lives of many women through the joy of hula. Dedication of patience and time contributes to excellence within any type of teaching, for the instructor as well as for the students.

Jan Kealani Kitaguchi

Kealani started hula at a very early age of 4 years old by a very honored and respected Kumu (teacher) hula and entertainer, Auntie Emma Farden Sharpe. Auntie Emma's hula history dates back to the learning days from King Kamehameha IV's royal court dancer, Kauhai Likua. Her entire talented family entertainers included her sister Auntie Irmgard Farden Aluli and her beautiful daughters.


Kealani carried on her love for hula throughout her years at King Kamehameha elementary school, inspired also by teacher, Mrs. Annie Greig, (mother of Uncle Jimmie Greig - co-founder and director of Lahainaluna high school's Hawaiiana club and Boarders' chorus, which Kealani was a member and dancer from 1970-1974, proudly representing her senior class on the royal court of the school's annual David Malo Day celebration, still traditionally carried on today. Kealani's hula students presently participates in this annual event). Through Kealani's college years at University of Hawaii- Manoa, she was also enhanced with teachings by Auntie Maiki Aiu Lake.

Instructor Jan Kealani Kitaguchi's Mother Wanda featured in Lahaina News in 2021. Wanda is 90 Years Young.

Birthday Cake custom made by Jan Kitaguchi's daughter, Wanda's Granddaughter.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 5.35.28 PM.png

Jan Kealani Kitaguchi Danced & performed with

Kumu Hula and entertainer, Cliff “Palikumaikalewalani” Needham Ahue

for over 16 years, traveling to Vancouver, Washington & Las Vegas, Nevada

Kumu Pali.png

About Kumu Hula and entertainer, Cliff “Palikumaikalewalani” Needham Ahue:


In addition to his longtime work with Tihati Productions, Ahue began his formal hula teachings in 1984 as Kumu Hula of Na Maile Ku Honua.  Respected statewide as a Kumu Hula and chant composer, Ahue “gave unselfishly his knowledge and expertise of the Hawaiian culture, chant and hula, inspiring and teaching others, helping to ensure that these invaluable cultural treasures of the Hawaiian people will remain alive for generations to come,” said Whittle-Wagner.

Through his hula instruction, he collaborated with fellow Kumu Hula, Hokulani Holt, and other Maui kumu in composing a series of dramatic hula productions as part of the consortium known as Na Kini Maka Lehua.

View Video

of Hyatt Regency Maui presents Kumu Hula and entertainer, Cliff “Palikumaikalewalani” Needham Ahue in TIHATI'S DRUMS OF THE PACIFIC !

Kumu Hula Cliff Paliku Ahue leads an elite cast of performers in yet another fabulous version of the long running and highly successful "DRUMS OF THE PACIFIC" Luau Show, held nightly at Hyatt Regency Maui's Sunset Terrace Dinner Theatre. Come now and join Kumu, Lopeti, Stacy, Jaime and the rest of the ohana as we bring to life all the majesty and splendor that is . . . POLYNESIA !!!

Kumu Cliff Pali Ahue, under his teachings and guidance, introduced professional dancing through hula performances throughout Maui for over 16 years, also traveling to Vancouver, Washington and to Las Vegas, Nevada's hula competitions with Halau hula o Na Maile Ku Honua. Kumu Cliff shared his talents and knowledge of the Hawaiian culture through songs, dances, ancient chants, and by

oli (chants that were not danced to).

In 1992's  King Kamehameha Day Parade in Lahaina, Maui, it was an honor to be a pa'u rider alongside Kumu Cliff and cousin, Moani Whittle-Wagner representing the big island of Hawaii.


" No words could ever express or describe better this person. Cliff Pali Ahue has touched my life forever. 

My belief in my motto ( To to touch a life forever ) stands so true and strong from his great example, from which I have learned so much and am so very grateful for. 

His expertise in all he has done in his much too short life of 57 years old, will remain in our lives forever. Mahalo Kumu Cliff!" 



~ Jan Kealani Kitaguchi

1992 King Kamehameha Day parade,

Jan Kealani Kitaguchi with Kumu Hula and entertainer,

Cliff “Palikumaikalewalani” Needham Ahue in Lahaina

Jan Kealani Kitaguchi introduced Hawaiian Culture through Songs, Chants,

Dances and is Director of Hula Schools in Maui:

    Na Kamali'i Nani o Lahaina (The Beautiful Children of Lahaina)

    Na Wahine Nani o Lahaina (The Beautiful Women of Lahaina)


"To teach is to touch a life forever."-Jan Kealani 


Our Mission at Maui Hula Girls:

To perpetuate our Hawaiian culture through songs and dances to the many generations to come. Sharing the hula through a true spirit of Aloha is to create a lasting memory for a lifetime.



Our Hula Classes emphasizes the building of self-confidence through positive encouragement and patience, teaching students of all levels, accommodating and tending to individuals' needs within a group setting. Private sessions are also available to meet any expectations or specifics for any individual. 

LEFT: Emma Farden Sharpe in 1962

Photo Credit : Shuzo Uemoto took this photo

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